129 UA Students Secure $12 Million in Refunds for Working Families Across Alabama

By:    Date: 06-01-2017

UA Students Travel Statewide to Serve 6,784 Families,  Saving them $2.7 Million in Commercial Tax Preparation Fees

UA students provided a critical role in a statewide initiative sponsored by the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility and Impact Alabama. 120 undergraduate UA students and 9 students from the School of Law collaborated with an additional 462 students from eighteen other campuses across the state to assist more than 9,000 families who claimed $15.6 million in refunds and saved $3.6 million in commercial preparation fees.

75 students were enrolled in a service-learning course on poverty taught by Stephen Black, Director of the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility. This course combined academic coursework with a requirement of service at the tax sites, and students discussed issues such as perceptions and misperceptions of those living in poverty and current policies affecting the working poor.

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