The Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility employs a full-time staff who support the work of CESR’s various initiatives and are available to advise and assist faculty and students involved in related work.

Full-time staff members are available by appointment or during office hours. To schedule an appointment, call (205) 348-6490 or contact the staff person directly via e-mail.

Stephen Foster Black
(205) 348-6496

Rachael Jones
Program Assistant
(205) 348-6490

Sarah Louise Smith
Research Assistant
(205) 348-6494

 Lindsey Thomas
Assistant Director
(205) 348-6491

Olivia Grider
Communications Specialist

Megan Bailey
Curriculum Development Director
(205) 348-1691

Courtney Stokes
Research Project Coordinator
(205) 348-6493

Jessica Lovett
Research Project Coordinator
(205) 348-6495

Merrill Flowers
Research Project Coordinator
(2050 348-6494