2006-2007 Documenting Justice Class

The film projects produced by the students in the 2006-2007 class of Documenting Justice included:

No Sympathy for the Debtor examines the effects of sub-prime lending on people’s lives. (Maryella Froemelt)

Very Source of Life explores the growing sustainable and organic agriculture market and how it is promoting change in attitudes about food in Alabama. (Sesie K. Bonsi; Elliot A. Knight)

Thank You for Listening is a portrait of three Vietnam veterans and the effects of the Department of Veterans Affairs on their lives. (Will Alford; Andrea Mabry)

Spanglish profiles a Hispanic family’s experience in Tuscaloosa and the members’ interactions with the world around them, focusing especially on the role children play as a bridge between cultures. (Callie Corley; Sarah Kate Sullivan)

Portraits in Restorative Justice shows how a Montgomery court brings together victims and offenders to talk about how the crime affected them, in order to promote healing. (Edward Miller; Kristin Robinson)

Speaking Without Speaking follows a couple offering free classical dance classes in a rural Black Belt studio. (Mallory Morgan; Colin Rafferty)

Railroad crossingTrained In is the story of Collegeville, a small neighborhood in an industrial corner of north Birmingham, and the access and safety problems faced by residents due to the railroads that encircle the neighborhood. (Kevin Garrison; Allison Stagg)