2011-2012 Documenting Justice Class

The sixth annual Documenting Justice Screening drew an audience of nearly 1,000, including UA students, faculty and staff, community leaders, friends and family of the filmmakers, and participants in the films.

The following films debuted at the screening:

A Dying Breed documents the increasing pressure poultry growers face as their industry changes (Seema Kumar; Lauren Marsh).

We are Coming Back examines the experiences of a neighborhood devastated by a tornado as residents recount the neighborhood’s past while considering its future (Dana Rizor; DJ Jackson).

The Bridge takes a look at the Peer Bridger program–a unique new model for mental health care (Xavier Burgin; Greg Houser).

Same People explores communities in the Black Belt holding on to past identities through segregated, dual school systems (Rebecca Howard; FiFi Wang).

State of Confusion provides a glimpse into the self-reflection of Bryce Johnson, a man who spent 14 years in prison (Mischa Lewis; Jamie Woodham).

Undocumented reflects on the impact Alabama’s HB 56 has had on two undocumented immigrants, their families and their identities (Mary Sellers Shaw; Carlos Estrada).

AL 116 documents daily life for residents in and around Gainesville, Ala (Dara Ewing; Kellie Gentry).