2013-2014 Documenting Justice Class

The eighth annual Documenting Justice Screening drew an audience of nearly 1,000, including UA students, faculty and staff, community leaders, friends and family of the filmmakers, and participants in the films.

The following films debuted at the screening

Norwood attempts to reveal the possibility of a neighbor led revitalization amidst the threats of deterioration and gentrification/displacement. (Myranda Bennett; Kelly Konrad)

A Whisper or a Scream deals with the internal struggle of recovering from sexual assault with the adverse attitudes and stigma held by the general public. (Abbey Pint; Megan Dillard)

Black Noise Three black deaf individuals in Alabama explore larger issues of identity, race and disability. (Gabrielle Taylor; Johanna Obenda)

Fixed explores the psychological and emotional repercussions of unimaginative policies and attitudes about dog overpopulation (Connor Towne O’Neill; Kenny Kruse)

Run of Mine A meditation on the complex relationship between a people, their environment and their livelihoods, this film explores the mystery surrounding both the people and the landscapes of coal mining. (Kyle Leopard; J.L. Clark)

Sanctuary The Spirit of the Cross church in Huntsville, Alabama helps people reconcile their religious and sexual identities.  (Rachel Ahrnsen; Myah Wilder)