2014-2015 Faculty Fellows in Service Learning

CESR is pleased to recognize the Faculty Fellows class for the 2014-2015 academic year. Their courses are expected to be maintained in their respective departments as ongoing class offerings.

Leigh Booth, Instructor, Capstone College of Nursing. NUR 517 Graduate Independent Study offers students in the Capstone College of Nursing a chance to apply skills learned in the classroom during medical service-learning abroad experiences. A revised version of the course will focus on reflection and pre-service teaching to prepare students for their service abroad. In Summer 2015, students will be travelling to Tanzania as part of the revised course.

Chandra Clark, Instructor, Telecommunication & Film. TCF 335 New Media provides a unique partnership between local organizations and students with skills in news writing, videography, and interactive media. The class gives students the opportunity to pull together all the skills they have learned in past classes to complete comprehensive projects while exploring a possible career option. Students work in groups, and every group collaborates with a specific nonprofit. For each organization, students produce high-quality, multimedia presentations that include a new website, videos, photo essays, public service announcements, Instagram and Vine photography and videos, and a new media marketing plan. A revised version of TCF 335 will be offered in Fall 2016.

Amanda Espy-Brown, Instructor, New College. NEW 243 Interdisciplinary Science is geared toward introducing students to the natural sciences and the process of science. It is based in large part on interdisciplinary scientific exploration through reading and class discussion, as well as on interactive, field-based scientific activities. Students will engage in independent water-quality monitoring of the Black Warrior River throughout the semester. Students will gather, organize and analyze findings and share these through the Scientific American Citizen Science program and with local advocacy groups such as Black Warrior Riverkeeper. A revised version of NEW 243 will be offered in Fall 2015.

Memorie Gosa, Assistant Professor, Communicative Disorders. CD 275 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism promotes undergraduate research while offering students an in-depth look at specific diagnoses and the speech, language, hearing, and swallowing consequences of those diagnoses. Through the quality enhancement initiatives of the University of Alabama’s Speech and Hearing Center, students will participate in a retrospective, descriptive analysis to understand the speech, language, hearing, and swallowing needs of individuals served by our clinic in West Alabama. This research will help our clinic serve these patients better. The research section of CD 275 will be piloted in Spring 2016.

Bronwen Lichtenstein, Professor, Criminal Justice. SOC 471 Medical Sociology: Health Care Disparity, Poverty, and Social Justice addresses patterns of health and illness in modern society. The course covers three fundamental points: how society shapes individual understandings of what it means to be healthy, how people behave when they are ill, and how society produces different patterns of health and illness. Students will volunteer with FocusFirst to conduct vision screenings for low-income children at local childcare centers. A revised version of the course will be offered in Fall 2015.

Christopher Lynn, Assistant Professor, Anthropology. ANT 450 Anthropology is Elementary: Teaching Anthropology in Primary and Secondary Settings introduces upper-level undergraduates to applied anthropology through designing and teaching curriculum to elementary and middle school students. As part of partnerships between Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools – Elementary and Middle, Arcadia Elementary and the University of Alabama, Anthropology is Elementary trains graduate and undergraduate students while providing a service to the Tuscaloosa community and the discipline of anthropology. ANT 450 will be piloted in Fall 2015.

John Myrick, Clinical Instructor, Special Education & Multiple Abilities. SPE 300 Survey of Special Education Accommodation Strategies will partner with the Tuscaloosa Park and Recreation Authority’s (PARA) physical therapy department, working with individuals with special needs. This program works with individuals with varying disabilities, providing opportunities to be involved in competitive sporting events, exercise and community activities. Students will help facilitate sporting events and community activities, providing everyone involved with opportunities for social interaction while exposing UA students to individuals with disabilities in a broader community setting. A revised version of SPE 300 will be offered during Summer 2015.

Monika Wedgeworth, Assistant Professor, Capstone College of Nursing. NUR 374 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing focuses on essential skills, such as therapeutic communication in mental health, inter-professional collaboration, evaluation outcomes, and the application of evidence-based practice models. These skills are designed to provide quality care while improving patients’ mental health and preventing further disability. During a service-learning experience incorporated in conjunction with an existing clinical partner, students will provide interactive learning opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. Initiatives will focus on essential life skills such as infection control, hygiene, and healthy food choices. Students will evaluate the outcomes of all clinical experiences through a reflective clinical journal. A revised version of the course will be offered in Fall 2015.