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Moral forum is an annual dialogue and debate program focusing on a values-based controversial issue.

“In the final analysis, the challenge of college, for students and faculty members alike, is empowering individuals to know that the world is far more complex than it first appears, and that they must make interpretive arguments and decisions—judgments that entail real consequences for which they must take responsibility and from which they may not flee by disclaiming expertise.”

Association of American Colleges & Universities

“The Challenge of Connecting Learning”

Effective citizenship requires a well-developed capacity for thoughtful moral discourse.  Constant exposure to a polarized media, the persistence of stereotypes, and increasingly homogeneous social interactions seriously undermine the potential for developing such discourse during students’ college years.  Recent research suggests that the Internet and social media enable young people to confine their communication to those who share precisely their own interests, real-world heterogeneity has given way to more focused virtual homogeneity – resulting in depersonalization, cultural isolation, and the weakening of social ties.

Predictably, many students arrive at college unequipped to appreciate the complexities of moral issues and exhibiting a tendency to trivialize opposing arguments.  Even as our students start to acknowledge the inherent complexity of moral interpretations, they often conclude that there is no valid way of evaluating different, sometimes conflicting, moral interpretations.

Striving to deepen students’ understanding of moral/ethical principles and to foster both open-mindedness and conviction, Moral Forum seeks to help students make reasoned judgments and understand multiple perspectives on complex issues.

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Fall 2016: Organ Sales

Fall 2015: The Death Penalty

Fall 2014: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Fall 2013: Assault Weapons Ban

Fall 2012: Individual Health Insurance Mandate

Fall 2011: Rebuilding Tuscaloosa Today and Tomorrow

Fall 2010: Deep-Water Oil Drilling

Fall 2009: The Minimum Legal Drinking Age

Fall 2008: Wal-mart

Fall 2007: The DREAM Act

Fall 2006: Legalization of Organ Selling

Spring 2006: Physician-Assisted Suicide

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