Instructor Background Check Guidelines

By:    Date: 07-11-2018

  • Legal first and last names are required for accurate background checks. Class rosters show students’ preferred names, not legal names. For example, a class roster may show Josh instead of Joshua or Susan (middle name) instead of Pamela (legal first name). Please have students verify their legal first and last names before requesting background checks for students. This will speed up the process, reduce costs to the students, and reduces the risk that a student who should be flagged as a risk will be missed.
  • Most background checks take 1-3 business days. However, a few background check can take as long as two weeks. It is best for students not to procrastinate ordering their background check, especially if they have lived out of Alabama.
  • If students have completed a background check though our office previously, they will not need to complete a new one. Most of the time, I need students to contact me to verify their birthday and social security number.
  • Outside backgrounds must meet all the requirements set by the school districts for service and be less than a year old. Students will need to send me a copy of background in order to determine if it meets the requirements for service.
  • Students with questions or concerns about background checks should contact Susan Kasteler at or 205-348-6493.
  • If a student is having technical difficulty with the ESS website, they should contact ESS at 866-859-0143.