Organ Sales

Fall 2016 course


In order to be a more moral society, the United States government should permit the sale of human organs, in order to allow monetary compensation for cadaveric organs as well as non-essential organs from living donors.


Fall 2016 Course

Fall 2016 marked the eleventh year of the UH 101 Moral Forum, and 56 students enrolled in six sections of the class.


Our guest lecturers included:

  • James Stacey Taylor, Associate Professor at The College of New Jersey. Dr. Taylor outlined the arguments for cadaveric and non-essential living organ sales.


  • Mark Fox, Associate Dean at Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Fox questioned the morality of monetary compensation and the ethics of organ sales.


  • Mark Nelson, Dean of the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Dr. Nelson spoke on the art and mechanics of public speech.


Christine Allen, Jacquie Andreano, Merideth Cazalas, Caitlin Cobb, Andrew Duncan, Jamie Hoven, Jared Hunter, Brittany Johnson, Ciara Malaugh, Jacob McHugh, McLean Stewart, and Kaitlin Waldron served as Moral Forum Scholars who facilitated discussions.


Moral Forum Tournament

The annual, three-week Moral Forum Tournament was held at the UA School of Law with the support of 60 volunteer judges including law students, graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty from across campus. The final night of debate took place on Wednesday, November 9, at 7 p.m. in the Ferguson Theatre. Debaters Kailey Webster and Paul Bousquet won the tournament, while Bert McLelland and Hannah Clark were awarded as finalists. Semifinalists Carlyle Ascik, Tyler Beisel, Carter Helm, and Morgan Yeatts also received scholarships. Cole Johnson and Wyatt Kuehster were recognized as Tarif Haque Outstanding Written Case Winners, and Chase Garcia was named outstanding individual debater. A total of $11,500 in scholarships was presented to Moral Forum students.