New FocusFirst Film Highlights Program’s Legacy

By:    Date: 12-10-2012

Since 2004, approximately 800 University of Alabama students have provided free, high-tech vision screenings to more than 16,000 children ages 6 months to 5 years in Head Starts and daycares across 14 counties. A potential vision problem was detected in approximately 11 percent of those children, all of whom received, or are receiving, subsidized follow-up care through Sight Savers of Alabama.

With UA leading the way, more than 2,300 student volunteers from 23 campuses throughout Alabama have screened more than 175,000 children in all 67 counties, making Alabama the No. 1 state for diagnosing and addressing vision problems in young children. While vision screenings are most effective during the preschool years, when early treatment of many conditions can prevent irreversible vision damage, most children do not receive comprehensive screenings before reaching elementary school.

Please click the image above to watch a short film highlighting FocusFirst’s legacy and some of the children we have screened.