2016-17 Service Learning Magazine Contents


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Editor’s Letter: Reaching Across Alabama and the Globe - ARTICLE BY STEPHEN BLACK View this article as a pdf. Service learning at The University of Alabama is reverberating across the state and planet, improving health, education, the environment, economics and more. Service learning combines organized service activities with academic study and thoughtful reflection to enhance students’ understanding of course content while providing them with real-world experience. It also encourages ...Read More
Students in UA’s Business Honors Program gain real-world experience by helping nonprofits improve operations and complete projects. - ARTICLE BY MARY SHANNON WELLS | PHOTOS BY DYSEN NEEB AND KRISTEN WALLACE View this article as a pdf. The University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Commerce ranks among the top business schools in the nation each year, and the students of the Business Honors Program are some of its most impressive representatives. In addition to mastering advanced curriculum, the ...Read More
UA Students enrolled in a Southern memory course tell the stories of Tuscaloosa County lynching victims. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY AND JAMON SMITH | PHOTOS BY JEFF HANSON, ERIN MOSLEY AND MARGARET LAWSON View this article as a pdf. Dr. John Giggie describes the eras most Americans refer to as Reconstruction, the Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties as periods of racial terror for a significant portion of the country’s population. “At a time when the ...Read More
Public-relations students create communication plans and tools for nonprofit clients including Autism Society of Alabama. - ARTICLE BY DYLAN WALKER View this article as a pdf. On the first day of her public-relations writing course, Chandler Shields admits she might have cried. Shields, a senior from Madison, Ala., majoring in public relations, is passionate about communications, politics and advocating for those with special needs. APR 332, a course with a service-learning component that requires students to ...Read More
UA students explore other lives and views while creating social-justice-themed documentaries. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER View this article as a pdf. Kendall Roden says taking the Documenting Justice film class was the best decision she made at The University of Alabama. Roden, a Dallas native who graduated in 2016 with a degree in management information systems, says the course exposed her to people and perspectives she wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. “It’s ...Read More
Students spotlight residents of a rural Alabama town who were sued after they expressed concerns about their community’s health. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY View this article as a pdf. In December of 2008, 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash spilled into the Emory River in Roane County, Tennessee, after a barrier failed at the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Fossil Fuel Plant. It was the largest coal-ash spill in history. A byproduct of coal production, coal ash contains a ...Read More
Telecommunication students help nonprofits amp up their digital presence. - ARTICLE BY MARY SHANNON WELLS View this article as a pdf. In Fall 2012, following the April 27 tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa, Dr. Chandra Clark, an assistant professor in the department of journalism and creative media at The University of Alabama, began teaching UA’s TCF 335 New Media course. Clark says the class, a requirement for telecommunication and film majors, ...Read More
Social-work students support and advocate for teens and young adults with troubled pasts. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER View this article as a pdf. Young Americans who are transitioning to adulthood with a history of trauma, mental illness, substance abuse or violent behavior are falling through society’s cracks, especially in states like Alabama, where 66 of the 67 counties are classified by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration as mental-health-careprofessional shortage areas. A ...Read More
Journalism students monitor polling places to counter voting problems during the 2016 election. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY View this article as a pdf. Despite the polarizing nature of the 2016 presidential election, a class of journalism students at The University of Alabama turned a blind eye to politics and focused on assisting voters in their state, Mississippi and Florida through a project called Electionland. “We weren’t really focused on the outcome of the ...Read More
UA students help Alabama lead the nation for growth in qualifying scores on AP exams - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER View this article as a pdf. Makenzie Taylor expected typical classroom activities – taking notes from PowerPoint presentations and completing worksheets – when she signed up for a summer program aimed at preparing her for the Advanced Placement computer-science course at her high school. What she got through the CollegeFirst program at The University of Alabama ...Read More
As part of a rhetoric class, students organize and archive documents in the historically black town of Hobson City, Ala. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY View this article as a pdf. Pennsylvania native Aleah Goldin says she chose to study in Alabama because of her interest in the civil rights movement and how its narratives are told and, sometimes, not told. So when the University of Alabama graduate student concentrating in creative writing, composition and rhetoric learned a master’s-level English course ...Read More
Students in a cooperation and conflict course bring creative classes to kids through Arts Renaissance in Tuscaloosa Schools. - ARTICLE BY MARY SHANNON WELLS View article as pdf. Although her day job is teaching classes as an associate professor in The University of Alabama’s anthropology department and New College, Dr. Marysia Galbraith is also a potter. “I value creative expression in my own life, and was saddened to learn how little opportunity there is for it in local public ...Read More
Through New College, students collaborate with community organizations while living and working in Walker County. - ARTICLE BY DYLAN WALKER View this article as a pdf. Despite opportunities to explore hundreds of courses, multiple libraries and myriad extra-curricular activities, Cokie Thompson says her most valuable experience at The University of Alabama took place 55 miles from UA’s campus. Thompson, a senior from Memphis, Tenn., majoring in journalism, was one of six 2016 participants in the New ...Read More
UA students help make Alabama the top state in the nation for addressing vision problems in young children. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER View this article as a pdf.   Getting glasses in the third grade was a turning point in Jordan Calloway’s life. “Going from not seeing to being able to see was huge,” says Calloway, a University of Alabama freshman from Covington, Ga., majoring in advertising. “It was like the world just opened up for me. Flowers ...Read More
Through SP 356 Advanced Grammar and Composition, students connect West Alabama nonprofits with the Latino community. - ARTICLE BY DYLAN WALKER | PHOTOS BY DYSEN NEEB AND ELLEN JOHNSON View this article as pdf. When Turning Point, a nonprofit that combats domestic abuse in West Alabama, approached Hale County police about opening a location in the area, its staff was asked one question: what could Turning Point bring to the Latino community? Thanks to University of Alabama ...Read More
The Alabama Astrobotics team provides STEM programs for kids and designs devices for children with disabilities. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER | PHOTOS BY MATTHEW WOOD, ZACH RIGGINS AND ELLEN JOHNSON View this article as a pdf. Joe Kabalin leads the only collegiate engineering team that has won NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition three years in a row, but that distinction isn’t what he’ll remember most about his experience with the Alabama Astrobotics team. The University of Alabama ...Read More
Anthropology students teach elementary schoolers to appreciate cultural diversity. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY View this article as a pdf. In a not-so-far-away land, vibrant creatures adapt with ease to their rapidly morphing environment. Undiscovered clans with unique customs and cultures communicate in a variety of languages. The clans work together, each respectful of the others despite their differences. This world does not exist in a remote jungle, nor is ...Read More
Music-therapy students assist individuals and groups ranging from infants to senior citizens. - ARTICLE BY MARY SHANNON WELLS | PHOTOS BY ELLEN JOHNSON, DYSEN NEEB AND JESSI SIMMONS View this article as a pdf. Service learning is not just a component of The University of Alabama’s music-therapy program; it’s a core principle of the curriculum. The music-therapy program at UA is an intensive, four-year undergraduate process, plus a sixmonth internship. Students are involved ...Read More
Honors students learn the educational and social benefits of chess while teaching the game in schools. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY View this article as a pdf. Twice a week, University of Alabama students teach chess lessons to Tracie Barnes’ class of second graders at Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools – Elementary. Barnes says she has seen improvement in the children’s critical-thinking skills since they started learning the game. “They’ve gotten better at everything from thinking about strategies to ...Read More
UA students learn about the strengths and struggles of rural communities and pair their skills with needs. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER | PHOTOS BY BRYAN HESTER, JEFF HANSON AND OLIVIA BOSWELL View this article as a pdf. The 57 Miles Perry County Partnership, named after the distance between Marion, the county seat of Perry County, and The University of Alabama campus, connects UA students with community members to address rural poverty in a vibrant and historically significant ...Read More
UA students connect children and communities to their food sources by partnering with Schoolyard Roots. - ARTICLE BY ERIN MOSLEY | PHOTOS BY DYSEN NEEB, ALLIE NEWMAN AND KRISTEN WALLACE View this article as a pdf. Many children in Tuscaloosa-area schools live in food deserts – places where residents have limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables – according to a study by University of Alabama anthropology professor Dr. David Meek in partnership with Schoolyard Roots, ...Read More
Public-relations classes raise awareness about challenges student veterans face. - ARTICLE BY LANE STAFFORD View this article as a pdf. While it’s well known the transition to civilian life can be a struggle for veterans, many people might be surprised by the number of former service members making this transition on college campuses. With approximately 1,040 veterans attending classes at The University of Alabama, one in 35 students is a ...Read More
UA students combat one of the leading causes of human death and illness – contaminated drinking water. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER View this article as a pdf. Not long after enrolling in a social entrepreneurship course at The University of Alabama, Maddie Addicks couldn’t stop thinking about a statistic she learned in the class: every 30 seconds, a child dies from a preventable, water-borne disease. “When I first signed up, I honestly didn't know what I was ...Read More
Students explore perceptions of poverty and justice while providing free tax-preparation services to low-income families. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER View this article as a pdf. Rachel Beverly used to think many people living in poverty just hadn’t worked hard enough. Her views changed when she took a University of Alabama course that explores poverty in America and introduces students to impoverished people in their own communities. “I began to understand that I lived in a ...Read More
Students research societal issues, volunteer with community organizations and spread kindness through the UA Rocks initiative. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER | PHOTOS BY MARY GRACE RODEN AND KRISTEN WALLACE View this article as a pdf. University of Alabama student Rob Davis says a class he took in Spring 2017 gave him a voice, especially related to issues of race and poverty, and changed his perspective of people with disabilities. As part of the course, Davis volunteered ...Read More
Through the Tuscaloosa Pre-K Partnership, UA students deliver academic and medical services to preschoolers. - ARTICLE BY OLIVIA GRIDER | PHOTOS BY ELLEN JOHNSON, KELSEY DAUGHERTY AND MADALYNN YOUNG View this article as a pdf. The premise of the UA/Tuscaloosa Pre-Kindergarten Partnership is that all children deserve to enter kindergarten healthy and ready to learn. Through a nationally unique collaboration between The University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa City Schools, the initiative identifies academically at-risk 4-year-olds ...Read More
Health-care students address medical needs of low-income Nicaraguans in a nonprofit clinic. - ARTICLE BY LANE STAFFORD View this article as a pdf. University of Alabama student Jackson Knappen says some Nicaraguans wake up at 3 in the morning to ride a boat, hop in a taxi and walk for miles just to receive a medical checkup. Each May, UA students work at the Clínica Alabama- Granada, a public health-care facility serving low-income ...Read More
Sociology students help protect a vulnerable population from HIV - ARTICLE AND PHOTOS BY LANE STAFFORD View this article as a pdf. Sociology of HIV/AIDS is a class many students are surprised to see in The University of Alabama course catalog. “The title of the course is what really drew me in,” says Joshua Smith, a senior from Decatur, Ala., majoring in African-American studies. Smith says the course inspired his ...Read More
In Belize, UA students help preserve the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem. - ARTICLE BY MARY SHANNON WELLS View this article as a pdf. Picture a calm beach with translucent water surrounding white sand. That’s what you would see on a cruise ship or tourist trip to Belize. University of Alabama students enrolled in GY 450/NEW 450 Conservation Field Studies in Belize experience that as well, but they do much more than sightsee ...Read More
One-year fellowship provides service-learning training and support to faculty members. - ARTICLE BY MARY SHANNON WELLS View this article as a pdf.   Launched in 2007, the Faculty Fellows in Service Learning Program is The University of Alabama’s campus-wide initiative dedicated to helping faculty develop and implement service-learning courses. The program includes a series of workshops and has become a source of inspiration for academic innovators. Approximately 12 faculty members per ...Read More