2013-14 Service-Learning Magazine Contents

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Leading the Service-Learning Movement - BY STEPHEN F. BLACK Over the past decade, service learning has taken on an integral role at The University of Alabama. The range and quality of service-learning opportunities for students and the instruction and support offered to faculty members interested in teaching service-learning courses are among the best in the nation. Service learning is an educational experience that combines organized ...Read More
Students from multiple disciplines provide whole-person health care to veterans and rural residents - Students studying nursing, medicine, social work and nutrition unite through UA’s Inter-Professional Rural Health course. BY OLIVIA GRIDER AND SHANNON AUVIL | PHOTOS BY MATTHEW WOOD AND SHANNON AUVIL University of Alabama students are collaborating across disciplines to meet the health needs of veterans and rural residents. Students studying nursing, medicine, social work and nutrition take UA’s cross-listed Inter-professional Rural ...Read More
Students tell stories of justice and injustice through documentary films - Through UH 334 & 335, NEW 434 & 435, ANT 441/541 & 442/542, TCF 434/534 & 435/535 Documenting Justice, students learn to analyze social and cultural issues while creating high-caliber films BY TAYLOR VEAZEY For students willing to step outside their comfort zones, UA’s yearlong Documenting Justice  course offers a rare opportunity to see the world through another’s eyes, says ...Read More
Public-relations students take campaign for healthy living into Tuscaloosa City Schools - Through APR 433 Public Relations Campaigns, students design and implement health and wellness campaigns for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. ARTICLE AND PHOTOS BY SHANNON AUVIL It wasn’t a normal day on the playground for Arcadia Elementary School students. April 11, 2014, was Tag’s Field Day, and students competed in sack races, tug-of-war games and sprints. The University of ...Read More
UA students conduct high-tech vision screenings for young children as part of multiple courses - Students address vision-care problems of Alabama’s youngest citizens through courses including UH 331 Poverty in America. BY KARLY WEIGEL Alabama leads the nation in diagnosing and addressing vision problems in children ages 6 months to 5 years, thanks to FocusFirst, an initiative of the UA Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility. College students provide free, hightech vision screenings to children ...Read More
Geography students partner with nonprofits and communities to help research and repair ecosystems. - Students helped return a former mine site to a mixed hardwood forest in Fall 2013 and partnered with the USDA Forest Service to collect and analyze data in a national forest in Spring 2013. BY TAYLOR VEAZEY | PHOTOS BY ZAC NAPIER When most people look into a forest, they just see trees. Students in Justin Hart’s Forest History and Restoration ...Read More
Honors students mentor at-risk children in elementary, middle and high schools - Multiple educational-outreach programs focus on forming mutually beneficial bonds between university students and children while improving kids' literacy and college and career readiness. BY KARLY WEIGEL | PHOTOS BY MICA AGUILAR Through a UA Honors College program, Claire Armstrong said she has been given the opportunity to influence young children’s lives while growing personally herself. Armstrong, a senior majoring in ...Read More
Medical students create service projects to address health needs in rural communities - While treating patients, medical students evaluate area health needs and design service projects to meet them as part of the Rural Medicine Internship. BY KATIE SANDERS | PHOTOS BY HARISH RAO When most people think of medical school, images from movies or TV come to mind: classrooms, labs and hospitals. Students at The University of Alabama School of Medicine go ...Read More
UA students play roles in raising awareness of – and rectifying – an 80-year-old case of injustice - Through the Scottsboro Boys Museum University-Community Partnership and service-learning courses, students contribute to the museum and history in numerous ways. BY OLIVIA GRIDER All college students study history, but rarely do they make history in the process. A group of University of Alabama students did just that by launching and participating in projects that led to a final chapter in ...Read More
Honors students learn the academic, social benefits of chess for children while teaching it in schools - Through UH 333, a chess in education course, students teach life skills and the game of chess to second through 12th graders. BY KARLY WEIGEL | PHOTOS BY MICA AGUILAR AND ALAINA CLARK History teachers might struggle with keeping events that happened 150 years ago exciting for kids, but even in the digital age, a game more than 1,000 years ...Read More
UA students lend their ideas and skills to improving Tuscaloosa’s urban landscape - Students create strategies aimed at increasing downtown walkability and creating a vibrant city center through UH 101 PlanFirst, a city-planning collaboration. BY TAYLOR VEAZEY | PHOTOS BY ALAINA CLARK AND MICA AGUILAR Through a service-learning course designed in collaboration with the city of Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama students crafted four plans in Fall 2013 aimed at increasing downtown walkability and ...Read More
UA students provide free income-tax-preparation services to low-income families - While assisting community members, students in UH 331/MGT 491 Poverty, Faith and Justice in America explore the role of faith in perceptions of poverty and justice. BY TAYLOR VEAZEY Each spring, students enrolled in Poverty, Faith and Justice in America explore the ways faith traditions can affect an individual’s response to poverty and inform his or her understanding of justice. ...Read More
UA/Tuscaloosa Pre-K Partnership delivers health and education services to children and their families - UA students across disciplines provide an ever-expanding array of academic and medical services through a visionary collaboration between The University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa schools. BY KATIE SANDERS | PHOTOS BY SHANNON AUVIL AND PETE PAJOR What began six years ago as a program to identify Tuscaloosa’s academically at-risk, 4-year-old children and provide them the best health and education services ...Read More
UA students prepare high schoolers for Advanced Placement courses and success in college - Through UH 300/NEW 310 CollegeFirst, university students mentor high schoolers and guide them through rigorous math, science and English curricula. BY KARLY WEIGEL Mechanical engineering major James Orr expected mentoring to be rewarding, but he didn’t count on being so inspired by high schoolers involved in the summer program designed to prepare them for college-level Advanced Placement courses. “They are ...Read More
Journalism students help children and teachers create school media - JN 436/536 Teaching of Journalism prepares students for careers while making learning fun for kids and helping faculty guide projects. BY KATIE SANDERS New teachers are commonly asked to advise newspapers, yearbooks, magazines and a growing plethora of broadcasting and online news products in K-12 public schools, but oftentimes these faculty members lack the knowledge and experience to teach media ...Read More
Psychology students help youth overcome behavioral problems by explaining brain development - Through PY 639 Advanced Child Practicum and externships, UA students assist teens, pre-teens and their families by focusing on positive actions. ARTICLE BY TAYLOR VEAZEY  |  PHOTO BY SHANNON AUVIL For Liz Adams, the day-to-day difficulties of working with troubled youth can be challenging. Adams, a fourth-year graduate student in the child clinical psychology program, has spent the last year ...Read More
Students help communities identify water-quality threats and offer solutions - Through GY 370 Watershed Management Plan Development and GY 370 Source Water Protection Plans, geography students help protect drinking-water supplies. BY KATIE SANDERS University of Alabama students are assessing and improving water quality in West Alabama communities by collecting field data and creating watershed-management and protection plans to share with government agencies and nonprofit organizations. In May 2013, students enrolled ...Read More
Telecommunication and film students develop digital footprints for community organizations - Students in TCF 335 New Media assist nonprofits while learning to navigate a converging communications landscape. BY KARLY WEIGEL | PHOTOS BY SHANNON AUVIL Developing and maintaining a professional Internet presence is vital for connecting nonprofits to the communities they serve, but many organizations do not have sufficient staff or resources to devote to this task. Students in Chandra Clark’s ...Read More
Students teach Alabamians to combat diabetes with healthy lifestyle choices - Students in UH 120 Diabetes and Obesity: An American Epidemic bring education about the chronic disease to an area with some of the highest diabetes rates in the country. BY TAYLOR VEAZEY Hannah Zahedi’s grandmother is one of many Alabamians who has been diagnosed with diabetes. But her grandmother has to drive 45 minutes to reach the nearest hospital, a ...Read More
Honors students provide micro loans to Alabama small-business owners - Honors students across disciplines assist entrepreneurs through UH 120 Forza Financial. BY SHANNON AUVIL Katherine McLarney knows no bank will give a part-time library employee a loan. There’s no profit in loaning to an individual with little capital trying to get a small business started. That’s where Forza Financial can help. McLarney, a senior majoring in economics and finance, serves ...Read More
UA students mentor children who speak English as a second language - Students in a Spanish Conversation class use interactive theatre to connect with Latino children. BY TAYLOR VEAZEY | PHOTOS BY JEFF HANSON Imagine performing in front of a group of people with all eyes on you as you concentrate on staying in character and remembering your lines. Now imagine doing it in another language, with the audience asking questions and ...Read More
Nursing students provide health care and education in rural Bolivia and China - Students travel beyond borders, gaining cultural and professional insights BY KATIE SANDERS Some of the best teaching and learning takes place beyond classroom walls. This concept goes a step further when service learning occurs outside one’s country. During Summer 2013, University of Alabama nursing students provided health education and care while exploring the physical and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and ...Read More
UA students spend summers partnering with nonprofits in rural communities - New College initiative unites students with community organizations in Walker County, Alabama BY KARLY WEIGEL  |  Photos courtesy Walker Area Community Foundation For the past three summers, students engaged in an initiative directed by The University of Alabama’s New College have chosen eight weeks of service in rural Alabama over relaxation or trips to the beach. Through the initiative, 14 ...Read More
Public relations students empower kids to stand strong against bullying - Through the national-award-winning 'I Can' campaign, UA students teach kids to take positive actions for themselves and others. Article by Taylor Veazey  |  Photos by Shannon Auvil and Mica Aguilar Middle school should be a time for making new friends, learning algebra and playing kickball in P.E. But each school day, 160,000 children in the United States will not even ...Read More
Students partner with communities in Alabama’s Black Belt - 57 Miles collaboration addresses economic, health and education challenges in one of the nation’s poorest regions – just an hour’s drive from campus. By Karly Weigel After five years of annual, summer outreach efforts in Alabama’s economically challenged Black Belt region, The University of Alabama Honors College launched a year-round initiative in 2013 that gives students numerous opportunities to partner ...Read More
MFA students lead creative writing lessons for high schoolers through a club and camp - Students taking EN 608 Teaching Creative Writing to Kids mentor children through a program aimed at invention and fun By Shannon Auvil - Photos by Alaina Clark Camryn Walker, a 10th grader at Paul Bryant High School, won third place in the 2013 Alabama School of Fine Arts’ Young Writers’ Literary Awards. She wrote her poem, “And All the Angels ...Read More
Students contribute to garden project through service-learning courses - UA students learn about organic gardening, operating a nonprofit and marketing while partnering with Druid City Garden Project, an organization that connects kids to their food sources and teaches them about healthy eating. BY SHANNON AUVIL and OLIVIA GRIDER Alliemarie Humphries, a senior majoring in English, isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty. As an intern for the Druid City ...Read More
Faculty Fellows in Service-Learning Program provides training, support - BY KARLY WEIGEL In 2007, the Faculty Fellows in Service-Learning Program debuted at The University of Alabama as the first campus-wide effort to bring together an interdisciplinary group of educators for the purpose of developing new service-learning courses. What began as a series of workshops to train faculty members in the pedagogy of service learning quickly transformed into something more. ...Read More