Student Background Check Guidelines

By:    Date: 07-11-2018

  • All students working with children or in a school building when children are present must complete and pass a background check before volunteering.
  • Most background checks are completed in 1-3 business days from the time the order is completed by the student. However, some states take longer to process. A few background checks take as long as two weeks. Please don’t procrastinate!
  • Background checks for students who have only lived in Alabama since turning 18 cost approximately $19. Costs for students who have lived outside of Alabama since turning 18 will vary according to the state and sometimes county lived in.
  • Check your email for the link to complete your background check. If you don’t receive the email, contact Susan Kasteler (contact information below). Often, there is a typo in the email address that needs to be corrected. Read the email carefully!
  • Your background check must be completed in your legal first name, not your preferred name (i.e. Samuel, not Sam and Kathryn, not Katie, etc.). If your background check was not ordered in your legal first name or your name is misspelled, please contact me before completing your order. If it is not corrected before completing your order, you may be asked to repeat the background check.
  • Your home address is your UA address, not your permanent home address. You will list your permanent home address under “additional addresses to search”. If you don’t list an Alabama address, you may be asked to repeat the background. Please note that new incoming freshman will use their home address, since they have not lived here.
  • If you have completed a background check through the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility before, you may not need to complete another one. Background checks completed through another organization/department will need to be reviewed to see if they meet the schools criteria. Please contact me as soon as possible to verify if your previous background check meets our requirements.
  • If you have technical difficulties completing your order online, you need to contact ESS at 866-859-0143.
  • For questions or concerns regarding your background check, contact Susan Kasteler at 205-348-6493 or